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Wissler-Thomas Art Collection Tour
Sunday, July 10th, 1:00 - 4:00 pm

This tour will provide the opportunity to view the eclectic and extensive artwork displayed throughout the first and second floors of this virtual “house museum,” including light post-tour refreshments in the courtyard.

The house at 2721 N. Second St., Harrisburg, was constructed by developer Joseph Severino in 1928, and provides a perfect setting for the art.

Reservations are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.


Community Exhibition     
The Work of Bryan Molloy
@ Harrisburg's City Government Center

Bryan Molloy is a Gallery Assistant at AAH and maintains his art studio in downtown Harrisburg. “The Harris Project” is Molloy’s well-researched interpretation of the story of Harrisburg’s founder John Harris being rescued from burning at the stake by hostile Indians. Painted lavishly in oils in historic genre-melding technical virtuosity, and using custom-made costumes and local craftsmen, the six-foot wide panoramic scene features an actual descendent of John Harris posing as Harris himself. A former Broadway dancer posed for the figure of the heroic rescuing chief.

Ancient historical information, celestial symbolism, and fantastic artistic technique are delivered within the composition and careful selection of colors and elements, including the use of the Lost Angles Process and Renaissance Pattern Echoing.

The research phase took over six years of pouring intensively through historical records in many universities and museums throughout the world, and formed the foundation for the project. The final painting itself took more than three years of meticulous patience and dedicated attention to detail and technique.

The entire process comprised a triumph by the artist over multiple personal tragedies, including family deaths, a nervous breakdown, hospitalization, and a near-death experience, with each instance being a threat to the completion of this elaborate work of art.

A book outlining the artistic process and archived research is available on Amazon.com, and an audio version is also available. The audiobook version is narrated by Andy Taylor, a sportscaster working with the US Open tennis circuit.


Full of anecdotes, evidence, and historical documentation, this first-hand account of AAH through the years lets you experience the cultural development of the most important cities in North America.  Proceeds benefit the AAH directly.

Now available at the AAH Main Gallery for only $30 + $1.80 sales tax!


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