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“Skyscapes” is an exhibition of 27 paintings by nine noted plein air artists, all Art Association of Harrisburg members
well known for their landscapes and dramatic skies.  In this exhibition, the artists were requested to concentrate mainly
on the “sky” as the theme of their works.  All nine of them have created stunning paintings, painted “en plein air” on location
in the area.  Most of the paintings are relatively small in scale, because that’s the way plein air artists work…large canvases
are prone to blowing off easels when artists work outdoors!

ARTISTS INCLUDE: Julie Riker, David Henry, Cathy Mabius, Jonathan Frazier, Steve Wetzel,
Paul Gallo, Paul Flury, William Kocher, and Brian Eppley.





As the Paint Dries: 
The History of the Art Association of Harrisburg
Authored by Carrie Wissler-Thomas with Michael Barton

Full of anecdotes, evidence, and historical documentation, this first-hand account of AAH through the years lets you experience the cultural development of the most important cities in North America.  Proceeds benefit the AAH directly.

Now available at the AAH Main Gallery for only $30 + $1.80 sales tax!


AAH Extended Schedule through November 2016