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celine bags outlet Montgomery, Alabama. (WIAT) governor Robert bentley's former security chief is suing his former boss was forced to retire in 2015.
Former security chief Wendall ray lewis suing the governor,celine bag outlet his former top aide to Rebecca mason, her firm RCM communications and ACEGov illegal termination, claims he was forced to retire, and invasion of privacy, commercial interruptions.
Suits, lewis said bentley with physical and sexual and mason, and tell the lewis, and including David byrne, the governor's legal adviser; Seth han, the governor's chief of staff, and bill O 'connor, Alabama, the former head of chamber of commerce. Lawsuit said they "to the governor and pleaded with him alone, he needs to end with Mrs Mason. Not a success."
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Litigation describe an occasion, bentley's son Paul and Matthew, and mason's wife went to visit their parents "beg them to let Rebecca end events." Their efforts were not successful. Lewis's litigation claims, bentley is when he found that the "anger".
Wear a suit of footnote,celine bags replica bentley reportedly told lewis, he loves his wife, Diana, but he prefers to Rebecca.
In a widely reported the event in February 2014, the governor of the bentley allegedly got into an argument with him now - the ex - wife, Mrs Mason. It is said that he in tuscaloosa, home leave, leave his wallet. Lewis in his lawsuit claims that Mrs Bentley call he is worried that the governor might hurt yourself. Lewis said, Stan is stable, the new Alabama law enforcement agencies, head of the phone.
Wallet was flown to Alabama coast, the governor drive,celine bag replica at public expense. Lewis said he don't know the flight, and will drive the governor.
Lewis in his lawsuit claims that his office on Capitol hill is just a few steps away from the governor. How long he can see his comings and goings, anyone can track them in his office. Lewis said, have the time he'll see Mrs Mason "the governor's office, her hair is all messed up, and correct her skirt" after a long period of time.
Lewis said, he was forced to retire ahead of schedule after warning bentley, his so-called hybrid events and national resources, such as planes and cars is not desirable. He says the bentley even asked him for he split up with mason.
, the filing said, "lewis, in his most calm face, deep he said the most serious tone," governor sent to me, he said it was over. Rebekah, this will let the governor, his family and everyone involved.celine handbags outlet This will allow you and your family. You can't do his girlfriend, he led you in the car and aircraft. "Mason said:" I know. "
Lawsuit not over, Mr Lewis's anxiety and fear,celine bags sale he told David bentley, he will finally retire ahead of schedule. He said before he retired four or five year plan, the so-called, "no matter what people say, Rebecca mason is governor of Alabama. People can with the governor, but rebekah said."
The governor bentley issued the following statement:
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"Ray lewis presents a baseless, malicious slander, obscenity and build civil litigation to himself and others in a thinly veiled attempts to collect from Alabama hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer, I and my family.
The claim is based on Internet rumors, fake news and gossip. These false claims in an attempt to smear my government, scattered from the important issues facing our country, and tries to misallocation behavior, does not exist.
I wholeheartedly rejected this attempt, don't allow the people of this country and my family being used.
Because I refused his request, lewis has unfortunately choose open file his false disguised as a civil action, which is full of obvious lies, virtual account, pornography and slanderous charges, all in order to hurt my family and our country.
I'm deeply sorry and disappointment in the rays, in Alabama, taxpayers as the governor's chief security detail and I trust to protect my life and my family life.
Ray criticism even in time, I always public defence and support him.
As much as possible of Alabama family sat down to spend Thanksgiving with their loved ones, I am looking forward to do the same thing with me. In this season of Thanksgiving and reconciliation,celine bags online I'm more disappointed the further to attack my family.
I will not allow taxpayers to blackmail or my family and look forward to vigorously against the lawsuit. I will continue to protect my family, to defend our country and the people stood up for all the men and women in Alabama law enforcement and hard work. "
Bentley's lawyer, John Neiman issued a statement about the litigation:
Mr Lewis's litigation is a heinous abuses of the system. Most of his complaint facts governor denies charges, the charges were eventually proved to be irresponsible and false. In addition, the charges and the actual legal statement asserts that lewis. The fact that he seems to include those irrelevant charges his complaint to what is the purpose of the case according to law.
Soon we will ask the court to dismiss the lewis' legal requirements, this is a complete legal basis.
Understand why lewis suit is so outrageous, see this article, he said he based - 2014 al.com yes, lewis said, the governor of the bentley ruined his reputation. By Louis, it's clearly a nonsense, because the governor bentley lewis in that article didn't say negative things. This article, on the other hand, the governor bentley "praise" lewis said "working with the best security detail and Capitol hill police state." The article governor bentley said lewis is a man of honor and integrity, I support him one hundred percent. "The article governor bentley is called Louis" candidate. "These statements, is untenable lewis is now looking for hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state governor and the governor bentley bentley's theory in the same article defamed him.
Lewis says he is "constructively discharged" governor bentley and losses as governor of his work is equally appalling. Public records show that when lewis work for the government, he made more than $661615 over the next five years,celine luggage outlet based on his overtime pay. But he chose to quit. This is his choice - no others. Public records show, because he decided to resign, lewis is now 87387. 60 dollars a year in the national retirement income, for the life. But now he's trying to force countries to give him more money, as for the extraction of money in the pocket of a wage governor has never been taken since he took office.
The governor's legal team will tell the court, Mr Lewis's allegations are irresponsible and errors, and will take all appropriate remedial measures to the abuse of litigation. We hope this quickly dismissed the action.
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