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Opening Reception: Friday, July 26th, 5-8pm
Reception Host: Sue Rothman
Music By: Jonathan Frazier
Exhibition Sponsors: Allison & Peter Ballantine


The Art Association of Harrisburg is proud to announce Energized, a three artist invitational featuring the paintings of Mitchel Coffman and Rone Galeone, as well as drawings and installations by Andrew Brodisch. Energized is on display from July 26th – August 29th, 2019. The exhibition begins with an opening reception on Friday, July 26th from 5 – 8pm.

Mitchel Coffman

Mitchel Coffman, a painter from New York City, is no stranger to the AAH. We met him last year when he exhibited two of his paintings in the 90th Annual International Juried Show.

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Coffman’s obvious skill, his dynamic compositions and ability to place the viewer smack dab in the center of a narrative is what first drew me to his work. Coffman explains, “I believe the most powerful and lasting art presents a meaningful view of the people and time in which it was created. The recurring theme in my figurative paintings has focused on telling the narratives of people who dedicate their lives to continuing purposeful traditions and aim to create their own lasting legacies.” Coffman’s subjects are often athletes, musicians, designers, and various members of the armed services. These narratives can include exploring the deeper, underlying themes of beauty and sexuality in subject’s lives that often times get overlooked. Coffman’s process in creating these paintings is as equally interesting and layered as the narratives he explores. He begins with a preliminary sketch and then solidifies his vision with multiple layers of paint. Through the process Coffman constantly goes back and forth, making edits, wiping things off, sanding elements and ultimately rebuilding them. In each piece he leaves certain components deconstructed so the viewer can see his process. This deconstruction allows him to give a visual focus to specific elements and animate the work with an expressive feeling.

Rone Galeone

Rone Galeone’s portraits are painted with such vibrant colors and energetic brushwork that the pieces themselves seem to have a life of their own. Galeone has been drawing since she was a child.

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She started painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in the early 80s, and then took a long break when she became a mother. It is just within the last two years that she has begun painting again. However, this artistic break isn’t visible at all. Galeone explains her process as, “the flow taking over.” This ‘flow’ is completely evident in her style. Her brushwork reminds me of Vincent van Gogh – built up and palpable, yet still allowing for a solid sense of form. She allows the viewer to be wrapped up in the materiality of the paint itself, while not losing any accurate representation of the faces she portrays.

Andrew Brodisch

Andrew Brodisch is an artist specializing in creating a full experience for the viewer. I first met Brodisch when he ventured into the AAH with his duct tape tarp tapestries that he began creating for music festivals. 

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Through these unconventional media and LED lights, Brodisch blurs the lines between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. There is something Dan Flavin-esque about Brodisch’s work when he shines the LED lights against his large, geometrically patterned tarps. The colors and shapes created by the duct tape begin to undulate out toward the viewer and dance off the surface, making evident Brodisch’s skill in color theory. Beyond formal qualities, Brodisch fosters a meditative space where everything falls away excepted color and light.

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